Three keynote speakers at the conference who confirmed their participation are distinguished professors Veljko Jeremić, Marianna E.-Nagy and Boštjan Grabovšek.

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Veljko Jeremić holds a Professor position at the University of Belgrade. His main tasks include research and teaching activities in the field of Applied Statistics and Data Science. He’s teaching a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Belgrade. As a (co)mentor, he supervised two doctoral dissertations, while he is currently supervising one doctoral dissertation. Veljko Jeremić was a member of the defense committee of 13 doctoral dissertations. Veljko Jeremić was an external evaluator of four doctoral dissertations at international HEIs. He was a committee member for elections to teaching/research positions on more than a dozen occasions. He published 70 Web of Science-indexed papers cited 816 times in the Web of Science. Member of International Statistical Institute, Bernoulli Society International Association for Official Statistics, International Association for Statistical Computing, International Association for Statistical Education, International Association of Survey Statisticians, International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics.

Marianna E.-Nagy is associate professor in the Department of Operations Research and Actuarial Sciences on Institute of Operations and Decision Sciences at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary and senior research fellow of Corvinus Centre for Operation Research, Corvinus Institute of Advanced Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Her research topic is mainly interior point algorithms, linear complementarity problems, and semidefinite programming. Besides the theoretical research, Marianna E.-Nagy considers the applications also very important. She was a member of a group of engineers and mathematicians at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics working on the day-ahead markets. Moreover, she also worked on production planning problems for MOL Plc. in the group of Tibor Illés for two years. She received the Gyula Farkas Memorial Award from the János Bolyai Mathematical Society in 2011.

Boštjan Gabrovšek is assistant professor and senior research fellow at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia. His research interests are computational topology, application of topological methods to biological systems, machine learning, graph theory, operations research and optimization. He works on project Biological code of knots – identification of knotted patterns in biomolecules via AI approach, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Biological Systems Modelling, CeNT University of Warsaw, Poland and CEITEC Masaryk University, Czech Republic and on ARIS research project titled A computational library for knotted structures and applications.