We signed with our colleagues from Slovenian in 1996 an agreement to intensify our collaboration and to shift in biannual organization of international OR symposia. Conference is organized one year in Croatia (KOI conference) and the next in Slovenia (SOR conference).

The Slovenian Section (Chapter) for Operations Research (SOR) at the Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA (SSI) was established in the Republic of Slovenia in December 1992. The goal of the SOR is to pursue, support, and facilitate research, development, application, and education in the operations research area where mathematics, economics, computer science, statistics, environmental economics, and system theory, as well as some other disciplines, come together. Therefore, the interdisciplinary and applied science nature of OR is one of the main concerns of the SOR group. Thus, SOR is a forum for scientists and practitioners from all areas of operations research and allied fields, across the disciplines and programs in resource management, networks, tools, information, and education.

The 17th International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia (SOR ’23) was held at Hotel Astoria, Bled, Slovenia, September 20-22, 2023. The professional objectives of the international symposium are to provide a forum for international and national exchange of ideas on various aspects of OR and related fields.