22nd  annual meeting of CRORS was held on June 29, 2015 at Faculty of Economics – Zagreb, J.F. Kennedy Square 6, at 3 pm in auditorium 14.

The agenda of the 22nd Annual Meeting is available here (pdf).

There were the folloving important dicisions:

  • New Statute of CRORS is agreed with the Associations Act of 2014
  • Regulations on disciplinary responsibility
  • The decision of the liquidator of CRORS
  • The decision about the KOI 2016 Conference in Osijek, Croatia
  • The decision of the cash maximum of CRORS
  • The decision to donate publications of CRORS
  • The decision on rights and obligations of representatives of CRORS in the international organizations EURO and IFORS
  • Operational plan of CRORS for 2016, and other decisions.

Photo gallery of CRORS 22nd annual meeting 2015: