KOI 2022 – Thank you

October 12, 2022 / Comments Off on KOI 2022 – Thank you


Dear colleagues and friends, thank you all for participating in the 19th conference on Operational Research #KOI 2022! It has been an honor to host you for three beautiful days in Šibenik, Croatia!
We want to point out that this year 109 presentations were held in 12 special and five regular sessions. We had the honor of hosting 141 participants from 24 countries worldwide. In addition, we are proud to say that we had three plenary speeches – thank you once again prof. Marc Sevaux, prof. Nestrov and Ozren Despić!
Our conference program was additionally enriched with one special lecture held by prof.Luka Neralić and a workshop by Goran Zaharija. Let’s not forget the two-morning workouts led by prof. Blanka Škarbić Perić.
Most importantly, we want to thank you all for your valuable contributions to the conference!
We look forward to hearing about new collaborations and research ideas in the field of operational research!
See you again at KOI 2024!