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Social Events

Social and cultural events at KOI 2016 conference

We have prepared interesting social events for KOI participants, including opening ceremony with welcome reception, coffee breaks, and the excursion to Ilok, a small picturesque city near the Danube river with a medieval castle, Roman and Turkish remains, and excellent wineries. There will be a conference dinner with traditional Slavonic food, wine degustation, and folk music.

Meet Osijek city

Osijek is the fourth largest city in Croatia, situated on the Drava river in the Eastern part of Croatia called Slavonia and Baranya region. It is a major university center of the region, a rail hub and also has its own busy airport, making it popular with tourism. Osijek is famous for its scenic setting on the Drava River, green parks, large squares, old town Tvrdja, and delicious food.


Osijek con-cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul at the „Ante Starcevic“ squarekatedrala

osijek tvrdja Osijek old town Tvrdja
Osijek city center (photo: Osijek031, with permission)Osijek 031 stari tramvaj
IMAG1461Pedestrian bridge on Drava river, Osijek


More info about Osijek attractions see at:

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Conference Excursion

On the second day of the conference, we will take you for a trip to Ilok, a small picturesque medieval city on the left bank of the Danube River. It is a cultural and historical landmarked complex preserved by the national government.  Ilok is famous of his medieval castle, fortress from 15th century, great wine (served at the English court at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II), wine paths, beautiful view to Danube, churches and parks. Saint John of Capistrano has chosen Ilok to become the place where his body will rest after he leaves this world with the words: “This place has to be kept. When you bury my bones, do not leave Ilok!” Also, the famous hiking path of peace called “Sultan’s Trail” which goes from Vienna to Istanbul, also passes through Ilok. The attractive Old Cellars of Ilok situated in the medieval town centre were built by the Princes Odescalchi in the 16th and 17th centuries. We will take a tour to visit most of Ilok attractions, have a dinner at a restaurant near Danube river and enjoy the sound of the tamburitza (a string instrument) players.

The sanctuary, church and friary of St John of Capistrano (14th century)

The Odescalchi castle and Town Museum in Ilok with a great view to Danube river

Ilok castle1
The Odescalchi castle with old wine cellars in Ilok


A special smoked saussage named “kulen” is a protected brand of Slavonian traditional gastronomy. Slavonians are fans of cobanac, fish stew, chicken stew other similar meals.


Photo by: www.pticica.com

Slavonia and Baranya region are also famous by its quality wines.

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