OR in Practice – Case 1 is published!

February 19, 2021 / Comments Off on OR in Practice – Case 1 is published!


One of the strategic goals of the CRORS is to encourage and popularize projects that apply operational research in business. In order to enhance collaboration among OR academic teachers and researchers, we invite all CRORS members to send us their experience and case studies of applying operational research in practice.


Project “Methodological Framework for Efficient Energy Management by Intelligent Data Analytics”, financed by Croatian Science Foundation (IP-2016-06-8350).

The project deals with developing a methodological framework for efficient energy management by intelligent data analytics with the focus on machine learning methods and simulation modelling. The research aims to scientifically contribute the realization of European Commission directives about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency and using 20% of energy consumption from renewable energy resources until 2020.

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